"The Kenz" Womens Tee

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Meet Kenz - our signature women’s short sleeve T-Shirt with I Got You inscription, "The Kenz", is the baby to sister to “the Joshua” and “The Tay” range.

But make no mistake – this women’s wardrobe essential packs a punch in the style department. This one has a style all of it’s own, even the shirt name says style.

This wardrobe essential is soft against the body and made from 100% cotton and infused with 100% sass. Our exclusive design in washed black has a ribbed round neck with double stitching and a semi colon symbol hem tag, the symbol for mental health, representing a pause, not an ending. This symbol is universally recognised as the symbol of support for mental health. 

I Got You is a brand that will spark important conversations about mental health and raise important awareness about suicide prevention whenever you wear it.